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$ 35.79​ $ 24.99​
  • Set 2 pcs Contour Gauge Profile Tool & Multi-Angle Measuring Ruler
  • Contour Gauge with Lock – Adjustable Profile Gauge 10 inch
  • Aluminum alloy Multi-Angle Ruler with adjustable knobs 
  • Gift for Men Grandpa Dad Husband Boyfriend & DIY Women 
  • 2 year extended manufacturer warranty 

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Contour Gauge Upgrade - Manually Adjustable Screws

Verve Tool contour gauge is perfect for copying complex shapes in various applications such as woodwork, metalwork, tilling, carpet laying, fittings, circular frames, ducts, laminate, auto body work, and much more. The purpose of our upgraded adjustment mechanism is to help you calibrate the tightness manually, making your work effortless and therefore, more enjoyable as no separate hex key is required anymore. With a new adjustability mechanism, it enables you to loosen or tighten the pins in order to hold their shape, which prevents your profile gauge to become loose in time. The profile tool is capable of duplicating surfaces up to 3 1/2 inches deep, drawing a distinction from the standard ones on the market.

Strong Metal Lock

You will feel confident working with the Verve Tool contour gauge thanks to the metal lock mechanism that keeps the shape steady for great precision.


Adjustable Screws

With our time-saving upgrade – the manually adjustable screws – you are provided with an easy calibration for efficient use. The durability of the product is given by the aluminum metal core structure which grants a productive long-lasting use.

Premium ABS Plastic

Safe to use in heavy work conditions due to the flexibility and sturdiness of the ABS plastic which the Verve Tool contour gauge is made of. A high count of 16 pins/inch adds to the accuracy for a detailed resolution.

Multi Angle Ruler - Aluminum Alloy Material

The multi-angle measuring tool is widely used in woodworking, tiling work, carpet laying, and architectural conservation. This particular template tool is able to slide and lock at different angles and duplicate edge and corner contours on any surface. Forged of aluminum alloy material, it’s more durable than others’ plastic ones and it won’t rust or break. Set up with four aluminum adjustable knobs, it’s ready to use in four easy steps: loosen the knobs, measure the angles, tighten the knobs and copy the shape. In addition, the ruler makes it up perfectly for duplicating deeper edges and corners, and longer angles offering a large variety of projects where they can be used in combination.

Sturdy Aluminum Alloy Material

Save more with the Verve Tool multi-angle ruler built using aluminum alloy material – a highly resistant tool that will last for years of use, without rusting or breaking.

4 Adjustable Aluminum Knobs

Our angle measuring tool comes with four aluminum adjustable knobs which offer satisfying qualities: precision, versatility, durability, and easiness.

Laser Engraved Scale

Enjoy lifelong usage of your tool with a laser-engraved scale which is fade-resistant, even in harsh working environments. The ruler incorporates both metric and imperial systems marked on the sides and is suitable for washing.

Product was given as a gift to my son who's hobby is cabinet making and woodwork he is happy with it and I'm anxious to see it in use. Well made and arrived on time.
I love these things. Easy to use, locks do you don't miscut. Nice quality. It was perfect for those hard odd shape corners and angels!
Cool package, nice design, and both tools are really useful in my home for jobs which used to take me longer time to finish.

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